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Best Academic Editing offers a wide array of editing services!

Full Professional Editing and Proofreading

My most comprehensive service available. I will search you work line by line for grammatical errors, passive voice, and clarity issues. This is an in-depth review and re-working intended to improve all aspects of your writing. I'll check every issue, big or small, to ensure your best possible work!  

Citation and Reference Services

Intended for students, faculty, and other academic professionals requiring citation style assistance. Perhaps you're struggling to cite your sources correctly or simply don't have the time. In either case I'll format all your references for you! In addition, I'll even organize your document into the correct citation style.


I specialize in recent and past editions of the Chicago Manual of Style, APA, and MLA.      

Cover Letter/Statement of Purpose Review

Seeking a new position or applying for graduate school? Let me take the worry out of your application! My specialized services examine your letter from top to bottom for grammar and style. I'll reformat and style your letter to make it attractive and lively for employers or admissions representatives.  

Resume/CV Review

Unsure how to create a resume? Do you need to update your CV? Resumes and CVs are time consuming and tedious. From formatting to wording, no one enjoys working on a resume or CV. Let me take the hassle out of your resume or CV! I'll show you ways to update and organize your resume or CV, giving it a polished and professional look. 

Writing Consultation

Do you have a fear or writing? Does that thought of spending hours staring at a screen terrify you? Then my writing consultation service is exactly what you need! I work with all levels of students and faculty to help with organizing research, outlining, and avoiding writer's block. As a consultant, I'll guide you through the writing process so you can finish on time! 

This service includes optional video conferencing using Zoom. Sometime email is impersonal. Video conference allows me to understand your writing challenges, issues, and needs. We'll talk through your project and writing techniques that we get you on the right track.  

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